Adult Coloring Books

Benefits of Coloring Books

Mind Hack: Adult Coloring Books It can be a difficult task to take time and breathe in our ever accelerating world, especially given the current pandemic raging through our nation. The times are ripe for a creative indoor activity that can both sharpen the mind, and clear out the negative thoughts buzzing around in our brains.

Clearing the Mind

According to the experts, adult coloring books can reduce levels of anxiety, promote a mindful state, and can be used therapeutically to enrich our lives. Certainly the nostalgia factor alone could serve as a catalyst into a fun new hobby, but the evidence of spiritual betterment and mental health through coloring is making waves in the psychology world.

Cleaning up our Sleep

In conjunction with the calming powers of coloring is the added benefit of removing unnecessary strain on our eyes from prolonged use of our phones, TVs and computers. The time that is spent coloring can promote better sleep, by replacing the time that we normally spend checking our social media accounts, or catching up on that late night sitcom. While in this rest state, our eyes also have time to recover from the long exposure of blue light emitted form these devices.

Nurturing the Synapses

When we choose which color best suits our masterpiece, we are using the creative side of our brain, and when we focus on staying inside the lines, our logic hemisphere is firing. Essentially, we are unlocking the full potential of both sides of our brains when we use coloring books. In a strange turn of irony, adult coloring books are the most relaxing gym class we can ever hope to attend. The best part is that you can take this mental gymnasium absolutely anywhere with you.

Organic Friendships

While the times of socializing might seem far behind us, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The charm of an adult coloring book is irresistible, if for no other reason than a conversation piece. Take the benefits of this trendy hobby with you, and spread the joy to others looking for inspiration.