Stealth/Discrete Login, Password Books

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These books are well known and not so well known books that are in the public domain, but they are s much more. To the average person this book will appear to be these classic books, but you know that hidden in it’s pages are clues to all of you login usernames and passwords.

They are great books to read, but in these particular books we have discreetly put space to keep passwords and other login credentials safe, but yet at our fingertips.

How did we come up with this idea?

A few years ago we were on a trip to the mountains and we didn’t have my little password book with me. Why, because I didn’t want to take it out of the house and risk losing it and having to deal with a breach in my online security by having ALL of our passwords fall into the wrong hands.

When we returned home we developed a secure way to have all of our login credential with us as we travel, or even at home, but yet be secure. It has worked very well for us.

Our Stealth Password System

we also made book small for ease of carrying and also so that the type is rather small for reading. This way the odds of someone wanting to read the book may be slim.

We record the website and username in a paper book such as this one. 

Then we make a Google Spreadsheet at Google Sheets. The name of this spread sheet is something innocent and not related to passwords. Maybe Recipes or something along that line. At the top of this sheet we put a recipe, so it looks perfectly innocent. But below this we have a numbered spread sheet with the passwords only. So when you look in you password book at a website you will see a number and that corresponds to the password in the Google Sheets.

Use you imagination to make this as secure as you like. 

Of course you can just use this book by entering the usernames and passwords in the book.

We made the book look very much like a regular book that may be on your bookshelf. The login credentials are near the spine so that if anyone casually flips a look at the book they may not see the login credentials.